Discovery Workshop

Code Beast gives you the chance to provide us an idea. however not every idea will be an overnight success. Our Discovery Workshop prompts our team to make your ideas come into fruition. Lets know more about it!

The Purpose

“The goal of Discovery Workshop is to educate our clients to provide thorough information through brainstorming sessions before the development cycle begins. This will help us to deliver a robust, unique and out-of-the-box solution with stunning UI/UX design using the most advanced technologies”

Our core purpose is to understand the most complex requirements from our clients, using these requirements we can advance with our quality and experience to produce a seamless experience. 

Main Characteristics of the Discovery Workshop


We must gather a complete understanding of the clients needs, goals, and ideas.


We must make educated assumptions and allow for us to bring in ideas with multitudes of research.


We provide our UI/UX development teams with the understanding and research that was provided to project a seamless product.

Granting UI/UX and Development teams to go through detailed information for your seamless product

Discovery Workshop is the pre-development process to accumulate and share valuable information from the client to the project team. The platform for communicating this information could be in-office or remote, using conference halls and/or video meetings to advance with the project at hand. 
An initial session is essential to provide us with your ideas, design your project and take your idea from your mind into something tangible. Developing your seamless product for the world to see.

Why Clients Shouldn't Overlook Discovery Workshop

“Imagine yourself as a client looking to have your mobile application developed. After searching for a while, you agree contractual terms with one esteemed software development company. Given the fact that you already have a good idea of what your app should look like and how it would work, you simply ignore the project discovery workshop due to tight deadlines, time and money constraints. So you finally decide to handover the specifications document to the technical team and set a specific deadline for the delivery and product launch.
In this case, the software development team would not have any further queries and starts mobile app design and development process to deliver the product well within time. Those few weeks or months pass quickly and you finally have a stunning mobile app ready. You make the mobile app go live and wait for the first new visitors with high anticipation and excitement levels.
After a couple of months, statistics and analysis derive that your app users are not enjoying your beautifully designed app and conversion is far away from your expectations. This results in a situation where you already have spent most or all of your capital in app development and now do not have enough money to develop it further due to failed ROI. This would be the moment when you say to yourself : “Something went wrong badly.”

Discovery Workshop Nullify 3 Main Problems For Clients

UI/UX Designing

The UI/UX design team may be the biggest thinkers and though we have the best talents delivering outstanding designs week-in, week-out; we believe that clients are equally important part of Discovery sessions to make an end product a success. Key details are very important for thinking and visualisation process for design team! If you don’t want key details to get lost in translation, you need to plan the process out right. It is to ensure that all the features you expect to be developed are covered in the product’s roadmap/ user journeys. This is achieved when there is a smooth transition of information between design team and other project stakeholders.

It's About "Designing Together"

This is where we implement our ideas into wonderful designs. First representation of bringing your ideas into reality. An effective collaboration of Clients, Project analysts, UI/UX designers can help in following ways:

Lets Summarize what we learnt so far

The little time and money spent after discovery workshop will be a huge favour you would do on yourself, once you realise its benefits on a longer run. Discovery Workshop is essential for any project related to software development or mobile app development process, as it offers to: